Enhance Safety and Style with DAYA’s Shallow Shower Tray

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When it comes to designing a safe and stylish shower space, B2B clients require reliable and high-quality products. At DAYA, our brand specializes in manufacturing shallow shower trays that offer unmatched safety features, versatile size options, and exceptional quality. With our anti-slip surface, customizable dimensions, and convenient design, we ensure that B2B clients can provide their customers with an elevated showering experience.


Unmatched Safety Features


Safety is paramount when it comes to showering, and our shallow shower trays are designed with that in mind. Our anti-slip surface meets the stringent une41901:2017 ex standard, guaranteeing secure footing and minimizing the risk of accidents. We understand the importance of promoting a safe showering environment for users, and our commitment to safety is reflected in every aspect of our product.


Versatile Size Options


Every space is unique, and customization is key when it comes to shower trays. Our shallow shower trays offer versatile size options to cater to different requirements. With lengths ranging from 70 cm to 200 cm and widths ranging from 70 cm to 100 cm, clients have the flexibility to choose the ideal dimensions that suit their specific space. By providing customizable size options, we empower B2B clients to create shower spaces that maximize functionality and aesthetics.


Exceptional Quality and Convenience


Our shallow shower trays are built to last. With slim height options of 2.5 cm or 3 cm, our trays offer a sleek and contemporary look while maintaining durability. The drainer included in our trays has a flow rate of up to 25.8 liters per minute, ensuring efficient drainage and preventing water buildup. Additionally, our resin shower tray is designed for easy cleaning and water resistance, making maintenance a breeze for both businesses and end-users.




DAYA’s shallow shower tray combines safety, style, and convenience to provide an exceptional showering experience for B2B clients. With our unmatched safety features, versatile size options, and exceptional quality, our brand ensures that businesses can offer their customers a superior showering solution. By choosing DAYA as your trusted partner, you gain access to reliable and stylish shallow shower trays that enhance your business offerings. Elevate your shower spaces and exceed customer expectations with our commitment to safety, design, and functionality.

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